Questions from a new EMS Educator: Episode 166

On this episode of the EMSEduCast – the podcast by and for EMS educators – Clark Imus, a relatively new EMS educator, asks his top questions to Bill Toon, Rob Theriault, and Greg Friese. It was a great set of questions and a lively conversation from the co-hosts.

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About Clark Imus: My career in EMS began early in my life, not that I’m that old. I began my training while in high school within a career technology program and just after turning 18 I received my EMT license. Then I began working for Van Burn EMS, Paw Paw MI. I then completed my paramedic training at Kellogg CC. Shortly after I receiving my paramedic license I completed my critical care paramedic course. I then felt as if I could help support the career of EMS providers by improving the education that the upcoming EMS students. I completed my Instructor Coordinator course and begin teaching with Kellogg CC. After about three years of teaching with KCC I was offered a position at Jackson CC as the EMS program director. Email Clark at

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