12 Lead ECG Education: Episode 56

Tom Bouthillet, paramedic, educator, firefighter, and blogger, leads a conversation about 12 lead ECG training on episode 56 of the EMSEduCast – the podcast by and for EMS Educators. Tom discusses the relative newness of 12 lead training, difference between being a clinician and a technician, and keys for an educator to become more confident and skilled 12 lead educators.

There was a vigorous conversation in the live show chat room about 12 lead and STEMI recognition programs around the country. Remember you can listen live – EMSEduCast.com/live – Wednesday nights at 2000 CST.

You can participate

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Articles – Doctor used AED on Himself, AED user Stays Awake



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  1. JoAnn Cirra June 23, 2010 1:26 am

    There is another option.

    What do you really WANT TO GET from a 12-Lead EKG? You want to know if it showing something that is killing your patient!

    Empowering EMS to interpret a 12-Lead EKG makes a big difference in saving lives. Having the paramedic call in a “Cardiac alert” has been shown to decrease D2B time.

    12-Lead EKG’s do NOT have to be perplexing. Courses that last 24 – 40 hours can be boring and overwhelm the EMT’s with overly detailed information.

    There is a better option:

    EmsEkg.com has recently released a 12-Lead EKG Interpretation class written specifically for EMS. The class takes just THREE (3) hours and has plenty of examples. The class is presented as a powerpoint presentation, and is narrated by Colleen Kordish, RN BSN. Colleen has already taught this to hundreds of paramedics in the Chicago suburbs.

    Colleen has over 15 years experience in cardiac nursing. She knows how to provide clear instructions that promote understanding.

    Once you complete the training class from EmsEkg.com, you will find that 12-Lead EKG’s finally become a useful tool.


  2. Glenn July 25, 2010 9:17 pm

    There is a great web-site http://www.woodsonedu.com that has 12 lead training and on-line exams. It is an excellent resource and is used by many individuals and orgaizations for their training. It may be worth checking out.

  3. ECG Interpretation May 31, 2013 6:32 am

    One under-utilized form of video education is to turn videos into podcasts. Not only will this give you another avenue of education, but it will also allow you to improve peoples learning through a different media.

    I did not find any here, perhaps i did not look close enough…. did anyone else find any. I could really do with finding one on ECG interpretation.