Bullying and Adult Education Part 1: Episode 88

On tonight’s EMS Educast (episode 88) the co-hosts Greg, Rob, and Bill are joined by Art Hseih and Catherine Mattice.  Art Hseih is the chief executive officer of the San Francisco Paramedic Association and a previous guest on the EMSEduCast (episode 47).  Catherine Mattice is president of Civility Partners, LLC, a consulting firm that focuses on building positive workplaces free of bullies.  Tonight’s discussion is the first of a two part series on EMS education, bullying in the classroom, and bullying in the workplace.  Listen to this very interesting discussion.  Have you been a victim of a bully or are you a bully? Have you witnessed bullying in EMS Education? Visit Facebook.com/EMSEduCast to share your experiences and observations.

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