Live from EMS World Expo 2011: Episode 113

This episode of the EMSEduCast, recorded live at

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EMS World Expo 2011, is sponsored by Road ID, makers of innovative identification products for outdoor athletes. EMS Educators tell your students about Road ID and the importance of checking all patients for identification using the posters and information materials available at

This episode was recorded live in the ProMed Networking podcast studio, sponsored by the American College of Emergency Physicians.

Guests on this episode were asked to discuss a presentation they were giving at EMS World Expo, a project they working on, or an idea to improve EMS continuing education. The show guests and some of the links we discussed were:

About Road ID
Road ID manufactures the premier line of rugged identification gear for outdoor athletes so they can be identified in case of emergency or accident. Each Road ID is designed to give First Responders the information they need to immediately contact family members, access medical information and prevent serious delays in case of injury.

The company’s line of customized IDs is an integral part of any active person’s gear and can be worn on the wrist, shoe, ankle, or around the neck. A full line of innovative ID products is available for cyclists, runners, triathletes, skiers, kayakers and other outdoor enthusiasts.